Art Of Diving - by Nick Hanna

The Art of Diving brings together leading author Nick Hanna and award-winning photographer Alexander Mustard in a remarkable book, which captures the soul of scuba diving and takes the experience of being underwater to new levels. Their work combines a wealth of beautiful and remarkable underwater photography together with captivating explanations of the lure of the oceans. Together they reveal exactly what Jacques Cousteau meant when he claimed that ‘underwater, man becomes an archangel’.

The Art of Diving features interviews with many of the greatest names in the diving world today, including quotes from three generations of Cousteaus and underwater naturalists, photographers, diving authors and aquatic experts such as Hans Hass, Howard Hall, Lou Feed, Ned deLoach, Helmut Debelius, Cathy Church, Zena Holloway, Tanya Streeter and others.

“Come, dive into Nick Hanna and Alexander Mustard’s bright blue world. This is the best book about scuba diving since Jacques Cousteau’s The Silent World. Here turtles flounder, flounders court, sharks sulk and, best of all, divers leap, soar and even meditate. Alex has a unique eye. This is dynamic underwater imagery at its best”. David Doubilet, world-renowned underwater photographer.

“This book beautifully reveals the deepest secrets of our love affair with the liquid world”. Tim Ecott, author of the best-selling Neutral Buoyancy.

“A trait I admire in people is their ability to truly relish the great pleasures of life. Nick Hanna and Alex Mustard are both connoisseurs of diving, and their love of the subject shines out in every page of this inspirational book.
Much of the content serves as an appreciation of all things sub-aqua, but Hanna does not seek to win us over simply by the power of his prose. He addresses the roots and history of diving, recounting the adventures of disparate figures such as biologist Rachel Carson and the spearfisherman (or ‘goggler’) Guy Gilpatric. The reader experiences the birth of scuba through the eyes of figures such as BSAC historian Reg Vallintine, biologist Trevor Norton and, naturally, Jacques Cousteau.

That’s just one chapter – he goes on to address what he sees as the key areas of underwater exploration: fish watching, free-diving and the different environments divers choose to visit. There are chapters on animal encounters, spiritual approaches to diving and the fate of the oceans, each packed with the author’s insights.
Ultimately, the different facets of the book make it impossible to categorize. It is part photo-book, part social history, part natural history and part handbook. Above all, it is an erudite love letter to divers and the sea”. Dive magazine, May 2006.

“Hanna and Mustard have put together a tender document suggesting that it doesn’t matter much how you do it, so long as you treasure the experience for what it is – a cleansing, invigorating return to nature..and to yourself. More than an overview of the underwater world, more than a history of the sport we all love, The Art of Diving is an elegant treatise on how to get more out of diving.

Like Walden for the underwater set, the 272-page book is so well-written and so beautifully photographed that it could convince a hydrophobe to rush headlong into the water. Hanna and Mustard take readers on a mesmerizing journey through the marine world, discussing everything from infinitesimal coral polyps to gigantic whale sharks.
The perfect coffee table book, and the perfect justification for why you simply must go diving this weekend, pick up a copy for yourself and you’ll see that The Art of Diving is the most magical, most beautiful, most insightful book ever written about scuba diving”., January 2007.

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